Are you sure you have CORRECTLY WRITTEN DOWN your access data before reaching the login area? It is CRITICAL you have, or such data will be LOST! Once inside the members area you may, if you prefer so, change your password with one of your own choice: there is a function for this in the members area if once in you scroll towards the bottom of the page. Email address format not valid Attention: this action will not subscribe you but it will UNSUBSCRIBE you. Proceed?
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info This is the area where you can subscribe and obtain your own poster with all its additional features (blog, polls, etcetera). Follow the instructions below. All processes end with the assignment by Full Poster of an Identification Number and a Password, both of which you can use to enter the members area and start editing your poster.
The login page once you obtain your access data is located here.
Manuals: click here
To enjoy a free poster, you must own a valid email address. Insert your email address in the text field below, being sure you typed it correctly. Click then the button to execute the operation and wait for a confirmation alert. An email will be sent to you containing a web address leading again to this very same page: click it. If you don't receive the email, check your inbox SPAM folder, presuming it will not automatically delete messages erroneously dispatched there.
Remember: if the email does not arrive check also your spam or bulk folder in your email inbox.
Once read your email, and clicked on the link of the email received from Full Poster, you will be redirected to this very same website and a page will appear where you will be assigned an unique Identification Number and a TEMPORARY password. Use such data to enter your profile. Once inside you may choose a different password of your choice if you want so.
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Remaining available characters: 100
Terms Of Service excerpt: Subscriptions performed with the unique purpose of performing an inspection in the members area namely subscriptions that do not produce profiles compiled with sufficient and coherent textual contents, or at least a non fictitious blog or reviews usage, may be subject to forced deletion without notice. In such case the assigned identification numbers may be reassigned, after the deletion, to new subscribers. Full Poster is obviously interested in keeping as many profiles as possible, but neither empty nor populated with nonsensical texts and never updated again.
Once you have a poster we suggest not to publish your subscription email on your poster or in your texts, but to use an alternative email address to this purpose. In this fashion your subscription email will stay as a privileged address to contact system administrators, if needed.