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Newsreel Pseudo Intel: The Middle East Approaching The New 20s

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Friday November 18, 2011 - 02:59:14Visitors: 30,717 Daily average: 15 Visitors when included: 0 Total visits: 30,717 Tagged by its author as: News Digests and Press Reviews Characters (in origin): 7,270 (pages: ~ 3)
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news logo Blogs.cfrWeb address: Author: ed husain Middle East, September 30, 2011 Summary: Whatever the United States' intentions and failures in Iraq, it did not seek to colonize Iraq. In contrast, Turkey was a major imperial power for several centuries across the Middle East. Was this «neoconservative» interference in Arab affairs?
User comment:With regard to the venerable "hindsight" theme, it should be reminded what Condoleeza Rice * once said, while serving as head of the Foreign Office: that military intervention was going to become a constant fixture of the geopolitical landscape in the coming decades.  
As a matter of fact, with the "hindsight" of Libya too, Rice's remark finds bipartisan corroboration - as if to signify and hint that such fixture wasn't, really, the declaration of an intention but, rather, the constatation of a necessity that also non-Republican administrations were bound to face.  
It cannot be fathomed whether this had to or ought to be considered a full fledged new "doctrine" in the forging – however the impression we have is that it is not a matter of colonialism (colonialism appears indeed as an oversimplification fit to satisfy simpletons) but, instead, it seems world word III fought one battle at a time rather than letting it spiral out of control as one major outbreak.  
If there is one thing that finds all of us in agreement, it is that we all sensed, since ever, that if such new global a war had to be fought, it would have to do more likely with the Middle East than with the USSR.  
The rise of fundamentalism was, arguably, another symptom of how unavoidable this looming "war" was perceived on both fronts.  
It is my contention that this is what is really happening in the background: fighting world war III check by check on the Middle East checkboard.  
The real eventual target has always been, of course, Ira-n.  
Ira-q was only a step towards it: indeed, it is an old doctrine that of fighting your major foe by proxies, eroding its margins rather than attacking its kernel.  
Now, we are dealing with the few left pawns of this game: Syria and Iran.  
And yet the major outbreak may still come: it is in fact possibile that the only thing truly capable of catalyzing the Iran passage, shall be awaiting for Iran to undertake a nuclear strike - an action that would instantly erase any opposition about what to do next.  
I am hoping this will never happen, although this Gorgon intently and too insistently stares at us; but we have dire signs out there and another head of the foreign office, Hillary Clinton * , has already bluntly stated that in such a case Iran will be wiped off the map.  
So the question is not to colonize or not to colonize: the question is more tragic, and it seems to be whether we will be able to end world war III by insulated checks, without letting it unleash the apocalypse dogs it has been keeping threatening the world with for at least 50 years.  
Will we manage?  
This is what this is all about. Forget colonialism.
news logo Edition.cnnWeb address: Author: ivan watson Istanbul, November 15, 2011 Summary: Turkey threatened to cut off supplies of electricity to its neighbor Syria for its ongoing lethal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators
news logo Globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnnWeb address: Author: ed husain Middle East, October 5th, 2011 Summary: It is fashionable in Western capitals to call for regime change in Syria, but with what consequences?
news logo Edition.cnnWeb address: Author: robert c. johansen November 17, 2011 Summary: The United Nations Security Council should immediately request that all charges of crimes against humanity in Syria be referred to the International Criminal Court.
news logo ThedailybeastWeb address: Author: christopher dickey Syria Summary: Bashar, in all his incarnations, remains the second son, the second choice, the weak-chinned student of ophthalmology who inherited the dictatorship in 2000, but has lost his people
news logo DefencetalkWeb address: Author: agence france-presse Syria, November 18th, 2011 Summary: Moving down that track. The longer the international community delay the sooner we will be there. The continuing intransigence of countries like Russia will only lead us to a situation whereby no one will want to talk and will start to fight each other.
news logo ReutersWeb address: Author: khaled yacoub oweis, john irish Syria, Nov 23, 2011 Summary: The French have tried to position themselves in a position of leadership, first with Libya and now here.  
Military intervention in Syria is a very different prospect of that in Libya, but we could well see an increase in covert action.
news logo TheglobeandmailWeb address: Author: campbell clark Iran, Nov. 23, 2011 Summary: The outlines of the next phase in Ottawa's policy on Iran became visible this week. It's all stick, no carrot.
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