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Nameless Aikido Technique Gets Baptised: The Preacher, A One Armed Waza

pic Saturday April 30, 2011 - 23:52:54
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Apparently (and I emphasize this, despite a few checks made to ascertain it), this technique has no official name and does not seem to belong to any Aikido official package. Of course, it is possible it is codified somewhere else than Aikido.  
However, it responds so naturally to so many Aikido tenets, that it is my contention it should be included: unharmful to the opponent, determining a leverage issuing a projection, exploiting ikkyo nikkyo and tenkan, being only defensive, making no use of strength at all (actually, it can be done employing one arm only), and being utterly natural in his conception and spontaneous lines of development.  
Uke (the attacker) comes in with a right handed yokomenuchi (or call it a right hook).  
You instinctively bow and parry; in this setting you find your right forearm under the right arm of Uke in the most natural attempt, promoted by blunt fear, to dodge it by bowing with your body and lifting uke's arm too with your arm.  
Now, as you naturally raise back to stand again, you realize there is still contact between your right arm and uke's right arm:  
1) Rotate your arm around uke's arm inwardly, that is: from outward to the inward and keep rotating as escaping outward again - as if spinning a rope around his arm.  
2) You will find uke's hand naturally trapped under your armpit.  
3) You will find your right hand's back already conveniently placed to exert any upward, straightward or downward pressure on uke's elbow.  
4) Now tenkan exerting any such pressure with your hand, or any combination, and you may place uke on his knees using one arm only.  
If you use both arms namely as you tenkan and exert pressure with your right hand on uke's elbow you call in also your left hand to join forces, most likely you will find the palm of your hands joined in front of your chin as if you were praying - thence, retaining the right to do so as it seems I am the first one to report it online, I baptise this technique: the preacher :-D
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