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A Prima Vista

pic Monday December 21, 2015 - 12:46:37
Topic: 120 permalink
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"Niente è più ovvio in una persona di quanto cerca di nascondere" (Takuan Soho). Takuan era un samurai, roba di altri tempi va da sè. Ma penso di sapere da dove viene questa sua fin troppo vera osservazione, che più dissimuli più metti sulle tracce della verità. Dal duello. In quelle circostanze gli occhi non possono nascondere niente. Se hai paura, se sei stanco, se sei coraggioso, se sei sicuro di te, se stai pensando, se sei confuso, tutte queste cose si vedranno dai tuoi occhi. Non puoi nasconderti. E' per questo che suggerisco di sedersi in un luogo affollato, un poco in disparte in maniera da poter guardare senza apparire indiscreto. E da lì, guardate i volti delle persone. E' una esperienza ineffabile, perchè leggete tutto. Qualsiasi cosa, qualsiasi caratteristica quella persona abbia, voi potete leggergliela in faccia. E' tutto scritto lì. Il loro passato, le loro speranze, i loro peccati, le loro generosità, le loro paure, le loro famiglie, i loro lavoro, la loro cultura, la loro educazione, le loro insignificanze, i loro significati, i padri le madri i fratelli le sorelle i figli, tutto. Tutto scritto lì in bella vista. Solo che non ci faciamo caso, di solito. E guardandoli bene e capendo che riuscite a capire tutto di loro, alcuni vi spaventeranno ma dopo un poco inizieranno a piacervi tutti. Inizierete a sentirvi commossi, come se li conosceste da molto, molto, molto tempo. Quanto tempo che non ci vediamo, fra': dove eri stato tutto questo tempo, come è andata, cosa hai capito, come è stata la vita con te? Face-book.  
Non ci credete? Provate a guardare i volti su questo sito, e vedrete che leggerete benissimo le loro storie. A prima vista.
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Setting Up An Errors Room

pic Wednesday December 2, 2015 - 05:04:25
Topic: 119 permalink
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Once i had a trascendental glimpse of having been in a place named "The Error Room". We went there and you had to make all the possibile mistakes, rather than the right thing, so that you could understand indeed why the right thing was different, why it was called right. The more errors you made the better to pass and graduate. Did you do something right? A demerit. Were you remembering how it was done right and trying to do it right? Wrong! Do it wrong! There was some anguish in there and rethinking that now, of course there was: mistakes import disagreeableness or consequences or fear thereof. Not to mention its purpose could have been too that of making us fear errors not. And apparently to be sure you made a lot the pace was frantic, which seemed to add to the anguish of such a "discipline": you had to be fast and to think as little as conceivable so that you could stumble into as many errors as possible.  
But there was no time to consider errors as being successful. Self-complacency was an error. 007 can't stop in the middle of an action to think how cool he was. If you want to be thunderous in a fight against multiple dangers you have no time for that, or you're game. For such type of an error there was no room, we were constatly prodded to keep being wrong at a steady pace. So somehow self-complacency was an error, but not an option: and if we were committing it, we had no time to indulge on it.  
Maybe, just maybe, in The Error Room self-complacency is the only error that is not allowed - probably also because it seems to beckon too much to how the right thing feels.  
When you want to teach or learn something, consider setting up not an academy, but «The Error Room». I don't know if it fosters proficiency; but certainly it promotes understanding: which comes way before proficiency, or may even be the most solid precondition or foundation for it.  
Only pupils can afford being always right, but the master errs a lot: and that's why masters.
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Everybody Has A Plan, But Only Until We Get Punched In The Face

pic Monday November 16, 2015 - 19:14:28
Topic: 118 permalink
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As an elderly dude who can't find spars i can relate on what need arised this concept machine, and not ashamed to say so.  
See the machine in sparring action:  
Apparently that's a creation of a robotic venture:  
But it reminded me of Ali's line "I saw George Foreman shadowboxing and the shadow won". For when i do, it certainly does - the lucky fact being, i don't mind.  
It's not too bad an idea however, and the guy is showing some effort, though I agree he is punching in a funny way (apparently he thinks it's unsafe to punch this so very noisome machine with real straights and that a somehow curved trajectory is warranted to unfurl true rage against the machine).  
But it has been pointed out that the machine finally manages to place one good jab at the very end, which apparently stunned and made him wobble, nothing less, whereupon the video suddenly and abruptly ends with the guy mincing and recoiling in horror.  
Well the problem with punches is that they can do that indeed: to me, to him, to everybody. You are punching nicely and suddely you feel like you're swimming. And fluck, that sobers you up!  
But did the machine really win this? We will never know, probably. But if it did, it's worth its money. Good effort, naive but not bad punching concept (just keep that head higher, looking down doesn't mean punches you won't see won't arrive also), but we still have this curiosity: was that jab really good enough to put an end to it, or were they just out of film?  
I would not fight this guy in a bar, he would prevail. Unless you hit him with a jab. Then we all get less aggressive.  
If nothing else, this at least is the important and most valuable lesson if not of this machine certainly of this video.  
As i think Joe Louis said (and Mike Tyson famously restated): everybody has a plan, me included, but only until you get punched in the face.  
Good reminder. Seriously. Well done.
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If You Could Write A Note To Your Younger Self What Would You Say?

pic Monday November 16, 2015 - 10:00:52
Topic: 116 permalink
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No need to write to our younger self, it should rather be it that writes to us. Don't tell your younger self what ought to be done, it means we don't know how to do it still. It means we have not learned the lesson we want to impart, because if we feel we need to learn something in our own past we are disqualifying the very same path that led to our now. We unsettle ourselves. It ought to be our younger self to ask, not us to tell it. And we don't answer, unless we want to cuddle it and assuage its anguish and beauty. But don't tell it what to do. It would mean we don't know it either yet. If we are wise we don't redeem our past. It was exactly how it had to be, if it really made us any wiser. All was good then, inclusive of suffering, because what is wisdom made by if not redemption? And if we have redeemed ourselves, we don't need to cast it to ourselves anymore. Makes sense?
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L' Albatro di Baudelaire: Reloaded

pic Saturday May 18, 2013 - 23:37:23
Topic: 115 permalink
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Sovente e per diletto le ciurme s'impossessano degli albatri,  
grandi volatili delle pangee,  
neghittosi compagni di viaggio  
volteggianti dattorno ai leviatani che fendono gl' aspri frangenti.  
Deposti sulla prua gli invitti principi dell' azzurro  
resi inetti dalle loro medesime e vaste e glauche ali  
le ritraggono, e vi percuotono il legno:  
remi fatui in una marea che non è più la loro.  
Vagabondi dell' iperuranio, come siete grotteschi nel viluppo della vostra agonia -  
voi poc'anzi maestosi, adesso derisi.  
A capriccio ogni plebeo con una pipa vi percuote il rostro,  
mentre l' altro claudicando sbeffeggia l' odissea di chi prima si librava.  
E tu che sei Vate, aduso a contemplare nubifragi  
e ad eludere la freccia che saetta a mezzogiorno,  
in tutto tu sei come questo sovrano dei nimbi:  
bandito dai cieli, esiliato fra le delusioni della terra, la tua titanica ala adesso striscia.
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Definition of Axiom

pic Friday May 17, 2013 - 22:39:29
Topic: 114 permalink
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An axiom is an overwhelming evidence that cannot be proven.  
We land squarely in the land of Zeno's paradoxes. Reason has its own reasons, that reason understands not.
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Dr House E Grey's Anatomy: Abbiamo Bisogno Di Sognare In Due Modi

pic Friday January 11, 2013 - 03:15:49
Topic: 113 permalink
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Nelle prime tre serie ho preferito il Dr House. Poi il personaggio è diventato prigioniero di sè stesso, manieristico, e il tentativo di rianimarlo insufflandovi escamotage ed espedienti era troppo trasparente per non essere destinato al fallimento. Si vedeva arrivare da lontano l' ultima stagione.  
Nelle prime serie, rimane tuttavia esemplare nell' aver tratteggiato una figura di outsider che (non si sa come) riesce ad aggiudicarsi un primariato e ad operare con una spregiudicatezza intellettuale che si integrava benissimo con una travolgente passione umana dissimulata sotto la veste di un ateismo che si percepiva più subìto dal personaggio che promosso.  
Grey's Anatomy è un tentativo di trasporre parte di quel bagaglio in uno schema corale. Essendo tale, manierismo e stanchezza impendono meno minacciosi: le problematiche man mano che le si incontra le si può spalmare su più personaggi, e così ammortizzarle anzichè farle tutte gravare sulle spalle di un unico ranger triste y final.  
Per coloro cui piacciono i giochi di squadra, Grey sarà ancora una volta fonte di ispirazione. E' sempre bello vedere arrivare la cavalleria, anche quando perde.  
Ma ci manca il cavaliere solitario, l'eroe misconosciuto. Dovranno pure inventarsi qualcosa (se non un eroe, un antieroe almeno) per coloro che più che al rugby e alla majorettes danzanti su campi spaziosi, si appassionano alla palestra desertificata e scalcinata dove il perdente intento ad un melanconico shadow-boxing incontra infine il suo unico sabato di vera gloria, magari finanche nella disfatta.  
Abbiamo bisogno di sognare in due modi.
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Piero Ferrucci E La Forza Della Gentilezza

pic Monday December 31, 2012 - 02:29:33
Topic: 112 permalink
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Collegare l'amore all' intrattenimento o consolidamento di una relazione sentimentale non è solo riduttivo per l'amore ma rischia di farsi egotistico.  
Quello che ci manca non è una educazione all' amore nel rapporto sentimentale, ma una educazione all' amore tout-court come modalità relazionale generalizzata, proficua, spontanea, salubre e addirittura vantaggiosa.  
Relegato a lungo nel senso di sufficienza che di solito si riserva al pietismo, l'amore come modalità di vita ha spesso sofferto e della ipocrisia di chi lo impiegava "gesuiticamente" come catechismo per coprire atti e pensieri tutt' altro che amorevoli, e del frainteso che lo leggeva come buonismo di chi ancora non ha imparato a declinare la vita secondo i verbi della volgarità.  
Cedere il posto in fila è atto di debolezza, sorridere a uno sconosciuto una promiscua e inopportuna confidenza... E se non fosse affatto così? quando mai ci siamo educati a questa riflessione?  
Ma l'amore non è buono: l'amore è magnifico e grandioso e sontuoso. E' potente. Non vuole la riconoscenza: è troppo più forte. Fort comme la mort. Solo che ci hanno abituati a credere che se vuoi un profitto allora devi agire sporco (per poi manco ottenerlo, magari). Non c'è educazione all' amore come potente modalità relazionale quotidiana. Meglio prendersi vicendevolmente a sputi in faccia tutto il giorno.  
Chi vuole cerchi su Google "La Forza della gentilezza" di Piero Ferrucci. E lo legga, che costa meno di dieci euro.
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The Shortest Fairy Tale Of The World

pic Thursday December 13, 2012 - 23:28:56
Topic: 111 permalink
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Once upon a time there was an angel that didn't know how to fly.  
Yet she was determined to fly and stood mooning on a rock. She decided that if she couldn't fly, she would at least teach the rock she was standing on how to do it.  
So she took her foot and slammed it into the rock with the intention to awaken it. But the rock was hurt.  
And this is how the enmity between angels and rocks begun, with an angel teaching one rock how to fly.  
So she took the rock and threw it to make it fly, but it hit someone. As the angel stood abashed, she had a little bit of devil in her angel eyes, for as everybody knows when angels cry their eyes look crazy.  
The man hurt by the flung rock yelled "Stop crying for myself and blame yourself instead! The reason you cannot fly is because you have no wings. You are human brew, mistaking yourself for heavenly crew. And now do cry, for you're screw'd!"  
This is why still today a few obdurate humans that cry, cannot accept that wingless creatures just can't fly, and try teaching themsleves how to vie. So it's either a real angel that passes by when at night you hear the wind rattling your roofs, or another falling human, one of those unvanquished spoofs.
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Depression And The Fast Food Of Happiness: The Smiling Prick

pic Wednesday November 21, 2012 - 12:30:09
Topic: 108 permalink
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Depression, like many other things, can be denied and pushed into the unconscious. It operates from there then, but the person is unaware.  
Perhaps it could be added that depression is not necessarily a negative thing.  
For too many meeting the soul is something that must be avoided at all costs.  
Grief? It must/can be narcotized.  
Melancholy? It must/can be met with diversions.  
Depression? it must/can be addressed with pills.  
Desperation? it must/can be stigmatized.  
Thoughts or concerns? they must/can be dispelled.  
Thus happiness becomes a fast food populated of hypocrites and stoned dudes.  
And once we've arrived at this point, what is left there of a psychology? A prick, smiling.
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