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info In this area you find a list of applications and tools for various purposes.
The used language may be univocal: for instance, english only.
Creative Writing And Creative Poetry Interactive Tools
This file supplies you with a few tools to extract random words accordingly to a few criteria, shuffle them and get inspired. You may be surprised to see how you may produce meaningful poetry by simply working on a draft where words are arranged casually. The words are drawn by the works of known poets or famous books - most significantly from the Paslms in English, from Shakespeare's Sonnets in English, from Petrarch's sonnets in Italian and from Dante s Divina Commedia in Italian. You may choose any combination. click here.
Save a Prayer
Request a prayer by filling in this form and it will stay online for several weeks. Who reads your request may say a prayer and maybe click to add it to the counter. click here.
Superenalotto Italiano
Comprehensive statistics for the italian superenalotto: click here.
This is rather ample a list of hexadecimal codes for colors. The color is clearly visible, and its associated hexadecimal code appears as its header. All hexadecimal codes begin with a # sign followed by 6 alphanumeric characters (for instance: #ffcc33): click here.
Glory Of Rome Tools
A few online tools for playing Glory Of Rome by Kabam: click here.