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Randy Burkhardt

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Randy rj
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Rocking adventures of a sort of bluesey latin tinged dancer music.  
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Randy Burkhardt  



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Simi Valley Los Angeles  

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United States of America  

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1 805 531-8496 (business)  


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Rocking adventures into a sort of bluesey jazzy latin suburb tinged dancer music.
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Alberto2006-12-11 06:45:30
poster 1 It would be great adding a few pics of your band. Or knowing more about where and when you play your music in the description, what instruments you prefer, your past experience, and if you are available for records.  
I listened once to your music if I am not mistaken, and it sounded quite good.  
Maybe there are not many folks who check profiles around here yet, but exploiting the full potentials of a poster may still give to you an additional chance to be known, and of those there is just never enough lol!  
FullPoster will add pretty soon also an event page and a polls page for each poster, and everyone who surfs will be able to vote any poll.  
Best of luck, man! Bye.
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Saturday December 9, 2006 - 11:55:30
randy rj today reminds that:
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Hello friends,  
Here is my newest song, I think it's really good. It would be great if you watch the video and let me know how you like it. And I would like it if you send it to a friend that you think might be interested.