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The Beauty Of Letters And Philosophy

We don't fight against things, but against our degree of identification with them. This is why philosophy matters.
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This is sorta momentary profile, if such a thing may exist. Yet, although such, I wanted it to reflect something I really like and enjoy in life: philosophy. You can find my several texts about them in my blogs and snippets linked in this page.  
Yet be a bit forgiving: english is not my native language.  
It is said that life can't be like philosophy. It was Joseph Brodsky's contention that life should learn the language of philosophy.  
It is my own contention that life is like philosophy.  
Because we assign meanings to things, we do not draw them.  
And what is this, if not philosophy? Isaac Newton wrote more of Alchemy than of Math. That's because you need to be a poet first, if you want to write a beautiful wrong equation that bewitched the epochs and the worldGo to the detailed description


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The Beauty Of Letters And Philosophy  


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I could actually write in here whatever I prefer and that I deem best suited to my current profile category: could have been a firm profile, or data about an item I'm selling, or a resume if I were looking for a job, or professional achievements if this were a profile about professional activity, or just whatever.  
But since I like philosophy, I think the links above in my poster can provide something about what I like writing on the subject.
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